TOP 10 smallest dog breeds ? in the world for 2022


What is the smallest dog breed in the world? | TOP-25 The smallest dog on the planet is the Prague Krysarik. The growth of this breed does not exceed 23 cm, and the weight is 2.5 kilograms. It is ideal for keeping in an apartment. There are a lot of dog breeds.

There are large animals whose height is 90 cm or more. And there are those whose height does not go beyond the mark of 35 cm. Small breeds especially attract urban residents. Such dogs look decorative and funny. Different species differ in appearance and disposition.

Prague rat: height 23 cm, weight 2.5 kilograms

Prague rat

The smallest breed of dog on Earth is called the Prague Krysarik. The height of such an animal is a maximum of 23 cm, and the weight is 2.5 kg. This is the smallest breed in the world.

By physique and color, the Prague rat is similar to the Russian Toy. These dogs have a taut compact body, thin straight paws and large erect ears. The muzzle is elongated. The coat is short and close to the body. The color of small dogs is brown and tan. Burn marks are located in the area of ​​the cheeks, neck, chest and inner thighs.

By nature, Prague rats are calm, friendly, obedient, but at the same time active and unobtrusive. These are highly intelligent animals. Therefore, they can be trained. Prague rats love the company of their master. If some other animals live at home, then representatives of this breed will show their superiority in every possible way.

Chihuahua: height 23 cm, weight 3 kilograms


Chihuahuas grow up to a maximum of 3 kg. Their height varies between 15-23 cm. This breed originated in Mexico. It was used to bring out other small dogs.

Chihuahuas look elegant and decorative. They have a thin skeleton and low muscle mass. Dogs are fluffy. With a thin long tail. Their ears are erect and quite large. The color of the Chihuahua varies widely. There are white, red, chocolate, marble, brown, black and gray dogs. Combinations of different colors are also allowed. There are sable and black and white Chihuahuas.

By nature, Chihuahuas are fearless, docile, playful, tireless and agile. They make good companions. Dogs are very smart. They are long-lived. Chihuahuas are in good health. Representatives of this breed live for about 15-20 years.

Brussels Griffon: height 32 cm, weight 3.6 kilograms

brussels griffon

The Brussels Griffon is one of the three smallest dog breeds. Such animals grow from 25 to 32 cm and 3.5-6 kg. The breed originated in Belgium.

Brussels Griffons look strong, muscular and funny. They have a strong body. The coat is medium in length, close to the body. Quite hard to the touch. The muzzle is rounded. The nose is flattened. In the lower part of the muzzle, the hair is elongated, forming a beard. The ears are wide, erect, with hanging tips. The tail is short and thin, carried up. The main color is represented by red shades.

Although the dog is small, it is very brave, with pronounced protective qualities. Most often, Brussels Griffons are kept as companions. By nature, the animal is alert, attentive and very devoted.

Small Italian greyhound: height 38 cm, weight 5 kilograms

small italian greyhound

The breed small Italian greyhound belongs to the group of hunting greyhounds. Its second name is greyhounds. Dogs of the breed small Italian greyhound have a height of 32 to 38 cm. The mass of animals does not exceed 5 kilograms. Representatives of the small Italian breed look sophisticated, elegant and fragile. They have a muscular body with a pronounced chest. The paws are long, bony and thin. The muzzle is elongated. The ears are set high and hanging down. The tail is long and thin. The coat is short. May have a different color. There are gray, black, red, white, dark gray, cream, blue greyhounds.

Small Italian greyhounds need long and frequent walks. They have an accommodating nature. Greyhounds are kind, gentle, playful, but rather wayward.

Yorkshire Terrier: height 23 cm, weight 3 kg

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers were bred in England. They quickly gained popularity because of their funny look. In dogs of this breed, the ears are medium in size and erect. There is a long bang on the head. The hair on the cheeks and chin is long. The paws are also fluffy. On the back, the hair is smoothed. The standard provides for different colors of Yorkies. Most often there are white-blue, black-gold, blue-gold and black-beige dogs.

Yorkshire terriers grow up to several kilograms and 23 cm. By nature, representatives of this small breed are stubborn. Dogs are distinguished by curiosity, courage and loyalty. They have developed hunting skills.

Miniature Pinscher: height 30 cm, weight 6 kilograms

Miniature Pinscher

This breed originated in Germany. At one time, dwarf pinschers were involved in catching mice. Today, these dogs are excellent companions. The breed has many names: for example, miniature pinscher, miniature pinscher, miniature Doberman, poor man’s riding pony.

The height of the dogs is from 25 to 30 cm. The weight can be from 4 to 6 kg. Dwarf pinschers look muscular and well-coordinated. They have a compact body, a short tail, and medium paws. The muzzle is elongated. Color black with tan.

Miniature Pinschers are energetic, cheerful, smart, and hardy. Suitable for those who love outdoor activities. The psyche of dogs of this breed is strong and stable. Therefore, dwarf pinschers are calm, obedient, and balanced.

Coton de tulear: height 28 cm weight 6 kilograms

coton de tulear

Representatives of coton de tulear grow up to 25-28 cm and up to 4-6 kg. The breed is also called the clown, Madagascar bichon.

Dogs are fluffy and silky. They have short and wide legs. Ears hanging. The muzzle is short and pointed. Medium length coat on body and legs. It is slightly longer on the muzzle and tail. Madagascar bichons look stocky. They have a white color.

Coton de tulears are loyal and devoted, but very suspicious. Dogs react to strangers with piercing barks. The animal is active. Needs regular walks outside.

Chinese crested: height 33 cm, weight 6 kilograms

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested breed originated in Africa. Therefore, it is also called Kanes Africans. Representatives of this breed grow up to 23-33 cm at the withers. Their weight ranges from 2-6 kg. There are two types of Chinese Crested breed: powder puffs or downy and naked. The former are covered with soft and silky hair. They look like a small African greyhound dogs. Hairless have hair only in the area of ​​​​the tail, paws, and head. The skin of such Chinese crested is warm and soft to the touch. It is gray with dark spots. By color, powder puffs are white-chocolate, pure white, white pink, white-bronze, bluish-piebald, tricolor, etc.

Chinese crested dogs are mobile, good-natured, playful and cheerful. They are devoted to their master. Curious and courageous. In an unfamiliar environment, they behave calmly and quietly.

Maltese: height 25 cm, weight 2.7 kilograms


The breed originated on the island of Malta. Also called Maltese. Dogs have a height at the withers of 21-25 cm. Masa varies between 1.9-2.7 kg.

The color of the Maltese is pure white, as well as ivory. The ears of dogs are hanging. The body is strong. Paws are even and wide. The tail is curved. The Maltese is very fluffy and silky.

Representatives of this breed get along with the whole family. They treat children well. They love outdoor games. They are friendly with other pets. Strangers are treated with distrust, wary.


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