Pillow cleaning business pays off in 3 months


In order to start a pillow cleaning business, you don’t need so much money: The cost of an installation for the restoration and manufacture of down and feather products starts from 50,000 rubles and does not require much space. So you can place both the installation itself and the receiving point, if desired, on 10 meters of area

In addition to the installation, you will need a sewing machine for stitching filled beddings and, of course, a supply of the beddings themselves (the most popular size is 70 by 70 cm.)

As you can see, nothing complicated. And the cleaning procedure itself is straightforward – the contents of the old bedding fall out into the installation, which is sifted by the installation and quartzized to kill ticks, bacteria and other “living creatures” that have settled there over the years of intensive use.

After that, the cleaned contents, minus the discarded sediment, in which sometimes unexpected finds are found, is poured into a new bedclothes and built up.

All – the process is over. Get your 100-150 rubles for work and move on to the next client.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, trying to save money, buy the cheapest pillowcases and make a serious mistake. Poor-quality material quickly begins to skip the pen, which causes legitimate dissatisfaction with customers who do not hide their opinion about your services from the environment. And word of mouth in this business (as well as in any other) plays a decisive role.

So, if you serve at least 5-7 clients per day, each of which, on average, brings 2 pillows for cleaning, your daily gross income will be about 1,500 rubles.

Multiply this amount by 25 working days and you will get a turnover of 37,000 rubles.

Of course it’s not much. On the other hand, your investment is small. In fact, the main expenses will be the rent of the premises, utility bills and consumables. Everything else is your profit (of course, if you work yourself, the work is simple).

As you can see, the business is quite attractive and profitable. With the announced turnover, the initial investment will pay off in a maximum of three months and will continue to bring you quite stable, and even a good income by the standards of provincial cities.

At a certain stage, you may want to expand the business by making your own down and feather products for the purpose of further resale.

This is also pretty easy to do. It will be enough to purchase an additional installation for the production of blankets, which costs from 40,000 rubles, and take care of the purchase of fluff and bed covers.

There is nothing difficult in this business. Moreover, in a crisis, the demand for such services will only increase – choosing between the need to purchase a new pillow for 1000 rubles or restore an old one for 150 people will not doubt.

So if you have the desire, opportunities and free a few thousand dollars, feel free to start this quite predictable and understandable business.


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