Own business: tool rental


There are things that are not worth buying, including construction tools. Therefore, tool rental points have a right to exist and are a good small business in terms of profitability.

The main consumers of the services of rental points are construction teams, gardeners and people doing repairs in an apartment or cottage.

Location of the rental point

It is not necessary to choose a room for rent in the city center, you can rent a small room of about 40 sq. m in the neighborhood. Even a basement will do, the main thing is that the exit is not into the courtyard to the street. Renting such a room will cost you no more than 4 thousand rubles a month.

On the premises of the future rental point, it is necessary to place racks for storing tools (warehouse) and a counter (customer service room). The total amount spent on furniture is about 20 thousand rubles. From office equipment, you need to purchase a computer, printer, telephone. You should immediately connect to the Internet, as this is one of the channels for attracting clients.

Rental shop assortment

The range of rental points is conditionally divided into several categories: impact-rotary tools (wrench, jackhammer, perforator, drill, etc.); cutting and grinding tools (vibration grinder, furrower, angle grinder, saws, etc.); welding, compressor and assembly tools (lawn mower, paint sprayer, welding machine, etc.); machine tools and construction machines (vibrating plate, concrete mixer, parquet grinder, heat gun, etc.), in general, about 30 items. The entire set must be present on the rental shelves.

It is impossible to accurately predict demand before the opening of a rental point, so you should immediately purchase at least one item of each item. Further, focusing on the needs of customers, you can increase or decrease the number of tools. If the main rental customers are summer residents, then chainsaws, electric trimmers and other gardening tools will be in high demand. Builders are in demand jackhammers and grinders. In general, you need to focus on your target audience.

When purchasing a tool, you can count on discounts that are ready to provide not only wholesale bases, but also retail stores for the purchase of a large consignment of goods.

Some owners of rental points advise buying not only household tools, but professional equipment. It costs two to three times more, but it lasts longer, it can be rented out to construction teams. Depending on the chosen brand and technical characteristics, the cost of a set of rental equipment varies from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

Rental office staff

The key employee of the tool rental shop is the tool repairman. He will monitor the performance of the tool, repair it if necessary. Usually, a master of a wide profile, a former employee of the plant, is taken to this position. The minimum salary of such a specialist is 10 thousand rubles. Good craftsmen are paid more, up to 20 thousand rubles, to keep it in place.

If you purchase equipment from official sellers of large manufacturers who have service centers and give a guarantee for their product, you can do without a repairman. The warranty period is usually about a year. During this time, the tool usually wears out and is written off (it is simply thrown away or sold for spare parts).

The rental office needs a specialist in issuing and receiving tools, who will conclude a rental agreement with the client and accept money. His salary will be about 10 thousand rubles. At the first stages of the promotion of a new point, these functions can be performed by the repairman himself or the owner of the rental point.

Experienced entrepreneurs recommend hiring an accountant and a lawyer to resolve disputes related to the non-return of the instrument. Non-refunds are the main problem of all rentals.

True, if the point is registered as an individual entrepreneur, then you can not take an accountant on the staff, the entrepreneur himself can do the accounting.

Rental shop advertisement

A large-scale advertising campaign is not needed for the newly opened rental point, experts say. They advise using relatively simple and cheap promotion methods.

A good return is given by small ads in local media, such as Vabank, as well as placement in urban online directories.

It is considered effective to place information on receipts for electricity, with the help of which you can notify the entire area about the opening of a rental point.

The monthly advertising budget for a rental point is estimated at 5-6 thousand rubles.

Payback of the rental point

Usually rentals rent out the instrument on a daily basis. The rental price of one unit of the tool for this period is 8-10% of its market value. As a rule, clients take one or two units of the tool for one day. But legal entities (mainly construction teams) can rent up to a dozen units of tools for long periods (a week or more). Rental shops do not take deposits. A prerequisite for tenants is to have a passport with them. The document is photocopied or simply recorded data, so that in case of non-return it is easier to find an unscrupulous client.

On average, one unit of the instrument pays for itself and begins to make a profit in six months. But there are positions that are very popular and can pay off in a couple of months. .

Experts advise to open in the summer. The peak demand for tool rental is from May to October. During these months, a new item can count on five to seven customers a day. Closer to December, demand traditionally decreases – up to two or three tenants daily. The average check is 500-600 rubles.

In a year or a year and a half, the number of lease agreements concluded in one day in the summer period can reach 10-15, and their average amount is 1 thousand rubles. The rental point can pay off in two years.

Development of the rental point

Many construction tool rental shops sell consumables for it (drills, sanding belts, dowels, etc.), saving the client from having to go to the store. Some begin to trade in the equipment itself. To organize this direction, a lot of investments will not be needed, since the rental has already established contacts with equipment suppliers and has developed a client base.

Calculation of costs for opening a rental point

Calculation for a rental point renting a room of 20 sq. m in a residential area. The staff of specialists consists of two people (a repairman and an employee responsible for issuing and receiving tools). The rental is open at the end of spring, six people visit it daily. Each client spends an average of 500 rubles.

One-time opening costs

Furniture – 20 000r
Office equipment – 30 000r
Internet – 3500r Phone –
Advertising -6000r
Tools – 500
000r Total – 568500r Monthly
income – 90 000r
Fixed expenses
Rent -12
000r Internet -500r
Phone -1000r
Advertising -6000r
Salary of the master -20 000r
Manager salary -10 000 rub
Total –

Profit – 17 025r
Profitability 23%


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