Intercom installation business


The intercom is a wonderful device that allows residents of an apartment building to exclude unwanted visitors from entering the entrance. With the advent of intercoms, it has become much easier to solve the problem of dirt in the stairwells and noise from having fun with young people who decide that spending time outside is too cold. In the entrance of the house, where there is an intercom, the homeless do not spend the night. More and more people are realizing how important it is to put an intercom on the entrance door.

Starting an intercom installation business makes sense in two cases: if there are still a large number of multi-storey buildings in your area that do not have an intercom system, or if a large number of new apartment buildings are being built regularly. The clients of companies installing intercoms are not only apartment buildings. In mansions with a large adjoining territory, intercoms are also often ordered, and usually very expensive models, but most of the income still comes from multi-apartment high-rise buildings.

To open an intercom installation business, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur, choose a simplified taxation system and open a bank account to which payment for your services will be transferred. If you intend to also receive money in cash, then you need to purchase strict reporting forms.

Starting investments for opening an intercom installation business are relatively small. It is necessary to have a freight transport and an office with a warehouse. The most important thing is to find a supplier of quality equipment and good specialists who will know what to do and how to do it. From a technical point of view, installing an intercom is not such a complicated process, but it requires an understanding of the principle of operation of the equipment and accuracy during installation and installation. As a rule, installers receive a small salary (about 15 thousand rubles) and a percentage of orders. It is very important not to make a mistake with the equipment. Before buying, it is better to study the reviews on Internet forums and not immediately purchase large batches of equipment, the quality of which you are not sure yet. Since the organizations that install the equipment,

The usual intercom for an apartment building is an electromagnetic lock on the front door, the wires from which stretch to the apartments; a door closer is installed on the door. The lock always keeps the door closed. Can withstand a force of up to 450 kilograms. The lock lasts for a long time, but if something goes wrong, such as a power outage, the door remains open until the power is turned on. Due to the presence of a closer, the door always closes. The double spring, which is the basis of this device, retains its dynamic characteristics for many years.

Subscriber sets are installed in the apartments. From the castle, residents are given special keys or cards. You can make keys yourself, or you can attract a key making workshop. When installing equipment in an old house, they usually change the door: it makes no sense to put a new lock if there is a dilapidated wooden door at the entrance. For this reason, it is worth finding a reliable company that installs metal entrance doors in different price ranges and engaging them if necessary. As a return service, the door installer may also recommend you to their customers. A two-leaf metal door is suitable for installing an intercom. Sometimes there are already metal doors on the entrances that do not need to be changed. Sometimes the door is new and metal, but single leaf. Then it can be finalized – weld another sheet. However, if you do not install the doors yourself, but conclude an agreement with specialists, it will be difficult for you to control the speed and quality of order fulfillment by your organization, since everything will depend not only on you. It is better to hire a person who will install the doors, a couple of movers, since the doors weigh quite a lot, and purchase a truck in which you will carry metal doors. Installing doors to entrances will be another source of your income. and purchase a truck in which you will carry metal doors. Installing doors to entrances will be another source of your income. and purchase a truck in which you will carry metal doors. Installing doors to entrances will be another source of your income.

The cost of an intercom lock for the wholesale purchase of equipment from suppliers starts from 2 thousand rubles. Subscriber sets cost from 400 rubles each. The cost of installation depends on the number of apartments, the degree of complexity, the consumption of wires and fasteners.

Installation and installation of an intercom involves the following works: installation and installation of an intercom entry panel, installation of an automatic fuse in an electrical panel with disconnection, connection of subscriber intercoms to an access intercom, installation of audio tubes and power supplies, installation of a microphone, laying communications. Installation and installation of intercom equipment for one subscriber will cost 12-20 thousand rubles. The cost of equipment in this case will be 4-10 thousand rubles, the rest is a fee for work. Installation of collective equipment at the entrance costs 15-25 thousand rubles, of which 7-10 thousand rubles is payment for the services of installers.

Installation of an intercom in an apartment building takes, on average, from 3 to 5 days, depending on the number of apartments. Thus, the profit from the installation and installation of audio intercoms in a five-entrance five-story building will be about 50 thousand rubles.

The cost of manufacturing one magnetic key is 70-100 rubles. Apartment owners who are against the installation of an intercom (and there are almost always such ones) need to be given one free key so that they can get into their apartment, otherwise there may be complications with law enforcement agencies.

In addition to income from the installation of intercoms , you can earn income from the subsequent maintenance of equipment. To this end, you need to conclude an agreement with the HOA. The cost of service may be included in utility bills, or the owners of subscriber units must transfer the agreed amount to your account. As a rule, the amount is small, 500-1000 rubles per year. However, if the fee is not included in the receipt, then only a small percentage of subscribers will pay regularly – the rest will simply be forgotten. Ideally, with a contract for the maintenance of intercoms with at least 20 100-apartment buildings, you can receive a fee of one million rubles a year. If quality equipment was used, then repair or replacement will be required quite rarely.

In regions where there is very high competition between organizations involved in the installation of intercoms, in order to receive an installation order, they sometimes offer free after-sales service. On the other hand, there are cases when the installed intercoms are not serviced at all, and there is no one to replace the damaged equipment, which is why the residents experience a lot of inconvenience. In such a situation, you can offer your services to the HOA and get an agreement for the maintenance of intercoms installed by another organization. However, if the cheapest low-quality equipment was installed, then this will not be a good deal.

To get an order, you often have to make cold calls: contact the chairmen of the HOA, offering them your services, and then attend meetings of homeowners, talk about the benefits of intercoms. Do not forget about individuals who often want to install a video intercom in their household. If you place an advertisement on the territory of an actively built-up cottage settlement, you can get quite a lot of orders.


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