How to open an engraving workshop


Engraving is the application of an inscription, pattern or pattern to the material with a cutting tool. Engraving art appeared in ancient China, it came to Russia only in the 17th century. Engraving is a very broad concept, it can be industrial and artistic. Engravers are engaged in a labor-intensive form of arts and crafts and create real masterpieces with the help of hand tools. But today we will talk about a simpler type of engraving. The application of commemorative inscriptions on jewelry, souvenirs, weapons, lighters, pens and dishes has been practiced for many years and is still popular. Many people are happy to leave their signature on a valuable gift or put a date in honor of a significant event. Lettering engraving is a highly demanded service by consumers, and there is not much competition in this area.

If you have a firm hand, artistic taste and a desire to run your own business, you are ready to do delicate and painstaking work, and there are no engravers in your city or district, then you should seriously think about opening your own engraving workshop.

In order for the engraving business to be successful, you need to choose the right premises. The ideal place is, firstly, a place where a lot of people are shopping, secondly, where there are no competitors, and thirdly, where there are gift and jewelry stores nearby. All these conditions are fully satisfied by large shopping centers. The best option is to rent an island on the ground floor of a popular shopping center, preferably near the entrance. The monthly cost of rent will be 4-8 thousand rubles.

Engraver tools – hand engraving machine or engraving machine. The engraving machine is inexpensive, from 1000 rubles, but it will require a fair amount of skill for a beautiful and accurate engraving. An engraver’s additional tool is scarpels, hammers, knitting needles, scribers, pencils for polished surfaces. All this can be ordered via the Internet, the total cost is unlikely to exceed 3 thousand rubles. The engraver will not interfere with clamps for fixing small jewelry, rings. For example, a barrel for engraving rings, which can be purchased at a jewelry store (3.5 – 4 thousand rubles), or jewelry engraving vise (from 600 rubles).

There is also a more expensive tool that automates the engraving process. A large number of various laser engraving machines are sold on the Russian market, allowing you to make inscriptions of varying degrees of complexity on souvenir products. Machines are small in size, easy to operate, do an excellent job of engraving on acrylic, plywood, wood, leather, glass, paper, metal. The pattern is loaded from a computer via USB, the machine is programmed and performs the required work in a few minutes. There is a laser machine from 120 thousand rubles. The undoubted advantage of using the machine is that it can be used to apply an inscription or even an image quickly and accurately, but it is not cheap to maintain and, with frequent use, periodically requires repair.

The engraver’s workplace should be equipped with a comfortable chair in which it will be comfortable to stay for hours, a table of optimal height so that the back does not get tired, and a table lamp. It makes sense to put up a showcase with examples of work to make it easier for customers to place an order, hang up a price list.

When engraving inscriptions, a price is usually assigned for one character, for example, 20 rubles. If the inscription is required large, then the price can be reduced. The daily revenue of the workshop can be from 2 to 5 thousand rubles, and when using laser equipment – much more.

It is very important that potential customers know that they can use the services of an engraver. To do this, you need to leave brochures in gift, souvenir, jewelry stores, place billboards, hang ads, banners.

If you open an engraving workshop alone, then it is enough to register an IP. A current account should be opened if it is planned to carry out non-cash settlements with legal entities and other individual entrepreneurs (this possibility should not be ruled out, since the organization may well place an order for engraving work). UTII payers working in the service sector do not have to purchase and register a cash register, but the issuance of strict reporting documents is still necessary. You can either purchase a check printing machine that does not need to be registered, or issue receipts. The receipt will be valid if it contains the last name, first name, patronymic, position and signature of the person who issued the document, the amount of payment in rubles, the name and number of services, the name of the organization, legal form (IP), TIN of the organization. It is very important that each receipt has a number and date of issue.


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